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We understand the necessity and importance of providing direct online access to time-critical information with our reporting products. The tools we provide will help to identify and eliminate unnecessary costs incurred from chargebacks, assist with reconciliation and provide everything you need to investigate your customers’ inquiries regarding charges on their cards.

The EBizCharge Gateway has reporting products that allow you to manage your batches and view the information that matters most to you.  Our gateway comes with pre-made reports, but gives you the freedom to create any reports that we may not have thought of.  There are over 50 searchable fields that you can customize your reports with, including, but not limited to: transaction reference number, transaction type, status, batch date, authorization code, date, time, order ID number, description, amount, card holder, card number, zip code, user who ran transaction, and many more!

With an unlimited history queue, billing, and reporting, investigating chargebacks becomes a breeze.  All the information you need is right at your fingertips.  You can even access our reporting products through the EBizCharge Mobile App.

Additional Reporting Products

In addition to the EBizCharge Virtual Gateway, our friends over at First Data give you another great reporting tool called MyClientLine.  This tool gives you an inside look at the banking side of your merchant account.  Here you can pull prior statements, check on your interchange rate qualifications, browse batch funding, etc.  Our friendly support staff will walk you through all of the features you need to use in as many or as little training sessions as you need – free of charge!

These innovative web-based tools enable you to quickly and easily access all your processing data with a few mouse clicks. Better yet, you can even download and export all these various detailed reports to Microsoft Excel.

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