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El Clasificado


El Clasificado Saves 34% on their Processing Fees

Company Background

El Clasificado is a multi-media print, online and grassroots event marketing solutions company that connects buyers and sellers in the Hispanic community through its print publications and niche-oriented websites. The magazines and websites also include editorial content that teaches, inspires, and empowers the Latino community. El Clasificado’s flagship magazine has a weekly circulation of over 510,000 and reaches over 1.5 million weekly readers. Its websites are visited by over 800,000 unique visitors each month viewing a total of 14 million pages. The company generates revenue for itself by charging for ad space within its magazines and on its websites. Companies pay to place ads in El Clasificado in order to target the Hispanic community, and the company generally accepts payment by credit card. Although El Clasificado was content with their rates, Century Business Solutions got in contact with El Clasificado and was able to promise an integrated solution that would help streamline their credit card processes while lowering their processing fees and saving them thousands of dollars monthly.

The Assignment

With the growth of El Clasificado’s revenues, the merchant wanted to partner with a merchant credit card processor that could handle their growing volume while also lowering their processing rates. El Clasificado was in need of an integrated solution in order to further optimize their merchant fees and keep more of what they were earning. By lowering El Clasificado’s rates, Century Business Solutions would be able to help the merchant pocket more of their profits by reducing their processing fees.

Approach and Delivery

First, Century Business Solutions assessed and analyzed El Clasificado’s merchant statements by identifying opportunities to further optimize their payment processes. Once interchange rates were calculated and accepted card types were identified, a savings statement was then delivered to the client. Our Relations Manager built a strong relationship with the client and was able to find them the best possible solution for their specific business needs. To ensure the highest quality of service and client satisfaction, savings were guaranteed in writing without a contract.

The Results

Century Business Solutions has been able to save El Clasificado thousands of dollars monthly, allowing the paper to invest more money into their business to continue growth and profitability. In the months that El Clasificado has processed with Century Business Solutions, they were able to save a minimum of 34% on their processing fees.


Aside from saving El Classificado on monthly credit card processing fees, Century Business Solutions' eBizCharge gateway and credit card module allows employees to work faster and more efficiently. The integrated solution helps reduce repetitive and tedious work and minimizes manual entries. Furthermore, Century Business Solutions also transitioned El Clasificado to the eBizCharge Gateway which allows staff members to easily view all transactions and perform a quick sale, refund, or void. With this customized and integrated solution, El Clasificado was able to save on processing fees, streamline the work, in addition to making staff member’s jobs easier.

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• Credit Card Module
• Check Acceptance
• Credit Card Acceptance

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