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Danlee Medical Products

Danlee Saves 23% on Monthly Credit Card Processing Fees

Company Background

Danlee Medical Products Inc. is a Certified, Women-Owned Business Enterprise that serves the needs of over 4,000 health-related professionals and patients worldwide. Danlee Medical Products is a full-line distributor of medical supplies in addition to being an FDA registered manufacturer of customized kits and is a leader in that field. With the processing of hundreds of credit card transactions monthly through their online shopping cart and by phone orders, Danlee Medical Products wanted to assimilate Century Business Solutions’ integrated credit card module in order to pass more data and save the merchant hundreds of dollars monthly.

The Assignment

Danlee Medical Products was in need of an integrated solution that would flawlessly work with their existing accounting software. With a more data-driven technological solution offered by Century Business Solutions, Danlee Medical Products would be able to further optimize their merchant fees to keep more of their profits.

Approach and Delivery

After analyzing and understanding Danlee Medical Products’ merchant statements, Century Business Solutions was able to offer an array of solutions to save the company credit card fees. First, our relations manager implemented the use of our credit card module that seamlessly integrated with their current Sage 50 (Peachtree) accounting software and online shopping cart. The solution allows merchants to better qualify their customers’ cards and, in turn, lower the rates.

With the use of our eBizCharge gateway alongside our integrated solution for Sage 50 (Peachtree), Danlee Medical Products was able to save even more money every month. Century Business Solutions’ eBizCharge gateway allows more data from each transaction to be passed when used with our integrated credit card modules. By qualifying cards at a better interchange rates, Danlee Medical Products is saving thousands of dollars on their processing fees.

The Results

Century Business Solutions has been able to save Danlee Medical Products hundreds of dollars monthly with the implementation of our eBizCharge gateway and integrated credit card module for Sage 50. Since switching over to Century Business Solutions in November of 2012, Danlee Medical Products has saved 23% on their monthly processing fees.


Aside from saving Danlee on monthly credit card processing fees, Century Business Solutions’ Sage 50 (Peachtree) Integrated Solution allows employees to work faster and more efficiently. The integrated solution helps reduce repetitive and tedious work and minimizes manual entries. Furthermore, Century Business Solutions also transitioned the medical product company to the eBizCharge Gateway which allows staff members to easily view all transactions and perform a quick sale, refund, or void. With this customized and integrated solution, Danlee was able to save on processing fees, streamline the work, in addition to making staff member’s jobs easier.

Products and services your company used

• eBizCharge Gateway
• Sage 50 (Peachtree) Integrated Solution
• Check Acceptance
• Credit Card Acceptance
• Online Shopping Cart Integration

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