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PaySaber Features

What you see, is what you get…MOST OF THE TIME! Although PaySaber products all have crucial features and functionalities that you can see at first glance, there are also other online tools and features that PaySaber products offer that other mobile POS solutions don’t. Every PaySaber device comes with a virtual terminal that offers:

• Real-Time Transaction History
• Real-Time Data
• Real-Time Reports
• Real-Time Graphs and Charts

Administrators and managers can access and view every transaction detail in addition to being able to see which PaySaber device and or user is processing the transaction. Easily view all transactions online and manage your business from virtually anywhere with the mobile phone app.

Customize reports and view them however you want. With the virtual terminal, merchants can have their reports retrieve specific fields and have information laid out the way you want. Graphs and charts will display important information such as transactions, card type, and the source of each transaction.

With the virtual terminal, merchants no longer need to filter through stacks of receipts or statements to find specific transaction details. All transactions processed through PaySaber devices will be stored in the merchant’s virtual terminal for the life of the account. No matter how many transactions the merchant processes, rest assured that all transaction data will be forever stored conveniently and safely online. To top things off, PaySaber allows merchants to email and or export reports with one click, saving both time and money. Reports can be exported and saved as a Word, Excel, and or Quickbooks file for your convenience.

Product Database with Inventory Control

Each downloaded copy of the PaySaber application has the capacity to store a complete product database with inventory control. The application’s inventory control feature transforms a simple credit card processing software into a fully capable point-of-sale system. Whether you use the PaySaber POS with the built in UPC barcode scanner or the PaySaber Clip without a barcode reader, inventory control functionality is built right into the software. Regardless of device, the software will automatically update the database and inventory as orders are placed.
In the case that you have a business with multiple locations, sales reps, or warehouses, you can load the same product database and inventory across multiple devices in different locations. When sharing product databases and inventories, the PaySaber software will update in real-time to help you accurately keep track of orders and inventory.

Customer Database Ease and Convenience

Century Business Solutions understands the importance of repeat business which is why our mobile app comes with the ability to maintain a complete customer database. With a customer database, merchants will have the ability to set up for invoice payments, memberships, or automatic bill payments. All PaySaber mobile devices include customer databases that allow merchants to store customer data for:

• Easy recurring charges
• Automatic payments
• Special order purchasing
• Payment methods

With so much customer information and data, Century Business Solutions understands the importance of security. Sensitive card and customer data is never stored on the device, giving you peace of mind in the case that your device breaks, gets misplaced, or stolen. All of the customer’s sensitive information is sent to a PCI compliant payment gateway that is secured and only accessible with a login and password.

Multiple User/Location Functions

The virtual terminal allows multiple users to access it at the same time. There is no limit to the number of users per company. Businesses with many employees can easily restrict or grant access to certain users to ensure only those with proper permissions can view the company’s transaction information. User accounts for each individual can be set up with different permissions and privileges inside the online console, allowing managers and administrators to determine the correct level of access necessary. In the case that your business has multiple locations, the PaySaber software allows you to establish multiple logins for different locations. This allows managers to keep track of which user and location processed each transaction.

Cloud-Based Processing

With cloud-based processing, merchants can easily access their transaction information anywhere! Monitor your business and access sales reports from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With cloud-based processing, sharing and syncing information between multiple devices, locations, systems, and users is easy and convenient.