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Cut Merchant Fees is one of the leading technology-based merchant services providers that offers businesses a wide array of integrated solutions and payment gateways for their merchant accounts and ERP systems. With customized integrations for almost every popular accounting software and online shipping cart, Cut Merchant Fees is your one stop shop for all your merchant services needs. Technology-based solutions and unrivaled support is what really separates Cut Merchant Fees from other merchant services providers.

Whether you’re looking to accept credit cards and or checks for the first time, create an online retail presence, or implement timeless payment technologies, we have solutions for every business regardless of size. We provide merchant services for small, medium, and large businesses in addition to providing solutions that have scalability, flexibility, and security.

Not only can we guarantee to match or lower your rates, but we can also guarantee your satisfaction as we have a merchant retention rate of 97 percent.  Our attention to detail and customer service has earned us a place at the top of First Data’s President’s Club list, due to our astounding growth and superior customer support. As a progressive merchant services provider we not only offer traditional virtual gateways and POS systems, but we also offer mobile payment solutions for businesses with field agents or businesses on the go.

Whether you are a new business owner ready to open shop, not satisfied with your current processor, looking to launch an online store, or are even a leading national retail outlet or franchise with multiple locations around the country, we have a solution that will match your specific needs. Our goal is to support the growth of  your business the best that we can.

Credit Card Acceptance

We have a vast arsenal filled with products, services, and the “know-how” to create efficiencies for your company. Our solutions are tailored to your company’s specific needs, whether you are looking for a secure virtual terminal, E-commerce store, billing software integration, or more! Cut Merchant Fees provides the merchant services tools to keep you up-to-date with the best ways to run credit card transactions with all the major credit card brands; such as Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, and American Express®.

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POS Solutions

Cut Merchant Fees offers a healthy assortment of card-not-present POS Solutions to our clients. Our merchant services solutions provide an extensive range of virtual terminals, billing software integrations, shopping cart integrations, state of the art touch screen terminals, high speed internet enabled terminals, and high memory capacity and integrated printers. Let our friendly and professional relationship managers assist in selecting the right product that suits your business needs.

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Retail POS Solutions

Cut Merchant Fees is ready and able to equip your card-present business with the merchant services software and hardware that your business needs to be productive and efficient. Cut Merchant Fees has developed our own desktop POS system that integrates directly with our virtual gateway, EBizCharge.  In addition, Cut Merchant Fees has partnered with some of the top Retail POS Software companies to broaden your selection and help you choose the option that best optimizes your face-to-face transactions.  Let our friendly and professional relationship managers assist with the merchant services selection that suits your business structure.

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Reporting Products

Cut Merchant Fees understands the importance of having an easy to use, intuitive, and quality reporting product that makes it effortless to see and understand the bigger picture. With EBizCharge and ClientLine, you’ll get advanced reports, charts, and in-depth analytics to help you provide the best service to your clients while having the ability to optimize your business. Get instant access to time-critical information and data by going online or by using our mobile app.

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Electronic Checks

The electronic check acceptance program makes your job easier and painless by allowing you to debit a customer’s bank accounts monthly if needed, reduce risk of fraud, and lower the number of monthly chargebacks. Electronic check acceptance securely converts paper checks into electronic payments at the point of sale – automatically depositing the funds directly to your bank account.
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