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Mas90 (Sage 100) Standard Credit Card Processing

We GUARANTEE our MAS90 (Sage 100 Standard) credit card processing integration will significantly reduce your monthly processing fees and increase efficiency.

Cut Merchant Fees has worked hard to earn a trustworthy and “second-to-none” reputation. We have worked very hard to bring the most up-to-date technologies to our clients to make their lives easier. Our in-house developed MAS90 (Sage 100 Standard) credit card processing module has a simple installation process, and once installed, will not interfere with your current procedures. Because our plug-in works seamlessly with Sage software, you can steer free and clear from the burden of retraining your staff.

MAS90 (Sage 100 Standard) Credit Card Processing Integration

Record credit card authorizations and deposits in:

  • S/O Sales Order Entry
  • S/O Invoice Data Entry
  • Cash Receipts

Benefits of our MAS90 (Sage 100 Standard) Credit Card Processing module:

  • Pay open invoices or create pre-payments with a credit card in A/R Cash Receipts Entry
  • Print settled transactions in A/R Credit Settlement Report
  • Capture credit card authorizations for settlement in S/O Daily Sales Reports and Updates
  • Identical look & feel as MAS products – no employee retraining necessary
  • Send sales receipts automatically via email
  • Qualify all types of credit and debit cards including corporate and purchasing cards at the lowest interchange levels from Visa and MasterCard

Open a merchant account today with Cut Merchant Fees to enjoy these additional benefits:

  • NO contracts
  • NO daily discount (fees debited once a month only)
  • NO installation fees and NO software update fees
  • The EBizCharge gateway with features to quickly filter and view past transactions
  • Unlimited 24/7 responsive customer service provided by our in-house client services team in California. NO OUTSOURCING

If you are currently using Sage Payment Systems (SPS) and looking for a better alternative to process credit cards right inside Sage 100 Standard itself, then look no further. Our Sage 100 Standard credit card processing module will get you lower fees, our quality customer support, and save you time.

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