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Cut Merchant Fees Announces Processing EMV Cards With EBizChargEMV Gateway

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Cut Merchant Fees is recognized as one of the top credit card processing companies in the United States. Because they are technology based, they are transitioning towards adopting a gateway in which the latest technology in credit cards can be utilized – EMV.

Cut Merchant Fees is proud to announce the addition of our EBizChargEMV payment gateway. With this new highly-integrated online virtual gateway, Cut Merchant Fees will be able to process credit card payments for businesses throughout Canada. EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) chips are currently adopted in Canada and are slowly making their way over to the United States— with credit card companies hoping to have EMV chip adoption by 2015.

Canada has completely moved to chip cards, so all POS systems that run in Canada are required to support Customer Facing Chip card terminals. The complexity involved in interfacing to this terminal and to the host is significant. The Canadian EMV certification component is three to five times more complex, including certifications separately with Visa, MasterCard and Interac. In addition, the cost of simulators and test cards can get very expensive. This is not cheap or easy. To complete a direct certification in less than 6 months, a very skilled team is required. Most will take much, much longer. The best solution is to use a PCI compliant payment gateway such as EBizChargEMV, which Cut Merchant Fees currently offers as a technology-based credit card processor

Cut Merchant Fees is a technology-based, merchant processor located in Irvine, CA which specializes in providing electronic payment solutions to small, medium, and large businesses throughout the United States and Canada. Throughout the past few years, Cut Merchant Fees has experienced tremendous growth. For years, Cut Merchant Fees has set the bar high – creating integrated accounting and shopping cart solutions (ERP systems) while providing merchants with low rates and superior support.

Cut Merchant Fees continues to be progressive by adapting to industry demand and creating new integrations, offering mobile apps and mobile payment solutions for credit card acceptance on the go. Whether in need of a new credit card processor, lower rates, superior support, or just a simpler way to streamline the workflow, Cut Merchant Fees can help.

For more information or to request a demo, visit: http://www.centurybizsolutions.com

About Cut Merchant Fees:
Cut Merchant Fees was founded by a management team of payment industry experts whose philosophy is to provide the cutting edge payment processing technologies and the highest level of service to merchants nationwide. Largely due to its own unique processing cost reduction solutions and its conviction to embracing the emerging new technologies in the industry, Cut Merchant Fees has experienced a sustained rapid growth in the most recent years. Cut Merchant Fees is committed to understanding our merchants’ business and providing the technology to ensure the greatest efficiencies in terms of both cost and time. Our Relationship Managers work to determine sources of cost reduction and revenue realization for merchants.


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