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Largely due to its own unique cost reducing credit card processing solutions and its conviction to embrace the emerging new technologies in the industry, Cut Merchant Fees has experienced a sustained rapid growth in the most recent years. Cut Merchant Fees is committed to understanding our merchants’ business and to provide the technology to ensure the greatest efficiency in terms of both cost and time. Our relationship managers work along side you to determine avenues of cost reduction and revenue realization for merchants.

Cut Merchant Fees has positioned itself with the largest and most stable network acquirer in the world, First Data.  We are a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank and have developed an elite position within our network.  In fact, our growth and strength as a company has been recognized by First Data as they have placed us in their prestigious and exclusive group, the President’s Club.

Everything about us depicts our constant pursuit for excellence.  Our 24 hour unlimited customer support, friendly Relations Managers, and other attentive staff members, all understand the importance of establishing and maintaining great relationships with our clients.  Keeping the customer first is an essential part of our business.


Who We Are

Cut Merchant Fees was founded by a management team of payment industry experts whose philosophy is to provide cutting edge payment processing technologies and the highest level of service to merchants nationwide. Cut Merchant Fees is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank and is also a First Data partner. Named to First Data’s prestigious President’s Club, Cut Merchant Fees is proud to be one of the top performing and growing merchant credit card processors on the First Data network.

No matter how big or small your business, Cut Merchant Fees has a large array of products and services that will meet your unique business needs. Unlike many of our competitors, Cut Merchant Fees doesn’t believe in locking merchants into contracts. We offer our products and services with NO CONTRACTS because we are confident that we bring our customers the highest quality of service, the best solutions, and unrivaled support. We let our solutions speak for themselves.

Cut Merchant Fees is one of the best credit card processing ISOs in the nation and fully understands the trends and opportunities in the merchant credit card processing industry. As a progressive business solutions provider, not only do we offer traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems, but we also offer various digital and mobile solutions. Our team of knowledgeable merchant consultants will assist you in identifying which payment processing options are ideal for your business.


What We Do

Cut Merchant Fees specializes in credit card processing integrations with both accounting and retail POS softwares. We are confident that our various integrated solutions, unrivaled support, and proprietary technologies will go unmatched to satisfy your business needs, saving you both time and money.

Whether you’re looking for an integrated solution, mobile payment solutions, or lowering your credit card processing fees, Cut Merchant Fees can help. With best of breed technologies and solutions, we GUARANTEE that we can match or lower your processing rates and fees.


Why We Are Different

Our payment solutions optimize the Visa and Mastercard interchange qualification levels saving you more money than you ever thought possible. We are confident that our superior credit card processing solutions will save you money. That’s why we GUARANTEE that we can match or lower your current credit card processing rates!

Unlike other merchant providers, Cut Merchant Fees has its very own in-house software development team. In order to ensure that our solutions are always up to date and aligned with industry standards, our development team is constantly implementing and updating our integrations. Additionally, all of our solutions are in congruence with the latest credit card processing Visa and Mastercard regulations.

At Cut Merchant Fees, we understand the importance of receiving support when you need it most. That’s why we offer unlimited around the clock support at no extra charge. With absolutely no outsourcing, receive immediate support from one of our team members located in our California office.

Open your businesses merchant account with Cut Merchant Fees today to enjoy:

  • No contracts required
  • No daily discount (fees debited once a month)
  • No installation fees and no software update fees
  • eBizCharge gateway contains more features for filtering and viewing past transactions
  • Unlimited 24/7 responsive customer service provided by our in-house client services team in California. No Outsourcing
  • Detailed and customizable transaction and batch reporting tools


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